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Lumbar Pillow - Prevent and Relieve Lower Back Pain

Suffer from lower back pain? Here's a great, natural solution to support your lumbar region and prevent and relieve distress in this vulnerable part of your body.

A lumbar pillow is a very simple item that gives very powerful results.

By offering essential support to your lower back while sitting at your desk on in your car, lumbar pillows help you adopt the right posture and prevent or relieve lumbar pain.

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailmentsand most of us suffer from it at some point in our lives.

Read on to find out why it's so common and how the lumbar pillow can help both relieve and prevent lumbar strain and pain quickly, easily and naturally.

The Wonder that is Your Back

Your back is a masterpiece of engineering with bone, muscles, nerves and other soft tissues working in harmony to support you in an upright position.

The trouble is that our bodies were designed for a more active lifestyle. And sitting for long periods places a strain on our torsos.

The problem is made worse by the fact that most chairs aren't really designed to give your lower back the vital support it needs.

The result for those of us who live the sedentary lifestyle is lower back pain. Unless that is you can find an item that gives your lumbar region the key support it needs when you're sitting.

Introducing the Lumbar Pillow

Enter the lumbar pillow. It's a specialized type of orthopedic pillow that provides effective support for the lower back when you're sitting. By doing so it relieves pressure on the lumbar region of the spine.

Lumbar support pillows come in a range of shapes and fillings.

At its most basic, a lumbar pillow is a simple rectangular item measuring around twelve inches by five inches and about two inches thick. This is the optimum size to provide support to the lumbar region while sitting.

Some models feature handles or attachments at each end for ease of positioning.

The covering is usually cotton or polyester of a blend of the two. Most lumbar support pillows come with removable machine washable covers which is a great feature as they can get dirty and sweaty.

Other shapes include the cylindrical full roll pillow and a half roll pillow. The latter is used by putting its flat side against your chair and the rounded side against your lower back to provide lumbar support.

The Varied World of Pillow Fillings

The stuffing of your lumbar pillow is of key importance. It has to be a dense material to give the right lower back support and not compact over time.

And of course it needs to be soft enough to be comfortable when sitting against it for long periods.

You can choose from a range of filling materials. The most common is dense foam which offers the optimum blend of softness and firmness.

One sophisticated option is to use back pillows filled with memory foam which will 'remember' the contours of your body.

In harmony with these modern eco-conscious times is the trend is to use organic fillings.

Buckwheat hulls are very popular right now as is rice. Some users like to heat these up in a microwave to apply a soothing warmness to their lower backs.

One nice choice is the lumbar massage pillow. This handy device works like a standard unit but contains a massage function.

Take Your Pillow Everywhere

The travel lumbar pillow or cushion makes a great option for traveling or just using in restaurants, theaters and libraries. Perfect for use on long rail or air journeys when your lower back is especially vunerable.

These are inflatable items that pack away to a tiny size or easy carrying in your purse or pocket. Some are self-inflating. Just pop the cap and they unfurl up to full size. They're not recommended for extended use, however.

You can also get magnetic back pillows. These are claimed to use bio-north magnetic fields to relieve muscle tension and prevents lower back strain. However, there is no medical evidence to support the idea that magnetism can help with back pain.

As you can see, you have a wide range of types to choose from. Check out the back support cushion buying tips to discover how to get the right pillow for you.

Always remember that back pain can be the symptom of a serious underlying condition and your should always consult your medical advisor in case of any queries.

Using a lumbar pillow is a safe, simple and inexpensive way to support your back and prevent or relieve back pain. A quality item will give your many years of use. You can find the best range of pillows and lumbar cushions at the web sites of online vendors.

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